~ Targeted Individuals ~ 
I separate “Targeted Individuals” into two categories with the first one mentioned here being the most common. Ordinary “Targeted Individuals” are either unaware victims of a secret eugenics movement, which uses microwave weapons to inflict terminal illness, or are unaware victims of remote technological medical and psychological experimentation.
images 222At this point, it appears that most of humanity is being targeted in one way or the other, due to a lethal depopulation program, which has been being implemented through the past several decades.I do not know how many individuals are remotely targeted, with microwave weapons, which slowly murders them in ways that appear to be a natural death, but it has to be in the hundreds of thousands world wide. If it is true that most cases of Lupus, tumorous cancers, leukemia and other diseases, which have suddenly appeared in the past few decades are intentionally inflicted into Targeted Individuals. . .and if many cases of organ failures are also intentionally inflicted upon Targeted Individuals. . .you can do the math yourself. Just remember that the public statistics for rapidly rising lupus, cancer and autoimmune cases…etc., are probably not accurate. Just look around you – with your Heart. . .and you will See.Targeted Individuals are usually also used for remote technological experimentation and will often suddenly acquire strange physical inflictions that can range from unusual joint pain, depression, migraines, weakness and fatigue to medically unexplainable neurological and medical problems…etc. (See a larger list of symptoms here.) The list of possibilities is almost endless. But one thing remains the same. . .
images (8)most victims have a feeling that something is wrong, that their illnesses is not natural, but just do not know how to label it due to a lack of awareness that such technologies exist and are being used on human beings.It appears that many Targeted Individuals are pushed into getting antidepressants, which aid the success of remote mind control technologies. It appears that Targeted Individuals are being used as lab rats or are being inconspicuously murdered in, in order to cut back on the Earth’s population and retain a controllable number of people, whom the criminal leaders of this program, perceive as being more elite.
images (4)
It appears that, IF these crimes are allowed to continue, those of us whose minds can be easily controlled, and those who have more money and less heart, have a better chance of being kept alive. Those of us who are poor, strong willed and compassionate are apt to be psychologically tortured as well as being inflicted with physical illness. This program appears to be run by sadists – by those who had labeled themselves as the “Illuminati” – a large group of people who have high connections in global governments and the wealthiest corporations. . .and appear to be also controlling the economy and some of our nations leaders…as well as Mother Nature through criminal use of weather modification technologies like HAARP…etc. They also appear to be the leaders of a satanic occult, which has chapters scattered around the world. Their aim appears to be complete control, not only of our countries and currencies, but also of every human being on earth. And their deceitful secrecy and technological brilliance has been accomplishing this aim.
images 2 (4)The most elite beings on Earth (from my perspective) – the ones who have the most HEART, look at this operation with dumbfounded shock. “How on earth can this be allowed to happen?” we cry. And it continues, anyway. . .until enough of us become aware and our law enforcement agencies are forced to find the HEART do their job and protect us from further harm.
“The Plight of Primary Targeted Individuals” 

Primary Targeted Individuals are those of us who are also put on a “hitlist” in astalking and harassment program, which aims to discredit us and literally destroy every aspect of our lives.Those of us who end up in this program are often those who begin to realize what is happening, whistle blowers, those who are witnesses to the technologies that are being used to harm humanity, those who are put on a list of suspected terrorists since 9/11 – these can be unfortunate people that a member of the surveillance team happens to dislike or be attracted to. . .and sadly, sometimes those who are chosen to become a member of a criminal operation that attempts to force them into being mind controlled by remote technologies.
pdg-300rifleshot 1I understand how difficult this is to believe. But PLEASE just at least remain open minded, because the well-being of someone you love may depend on your awareness. Please just give this the benefit of your doubt, because those of us who are Primary Targeted Individuals are experiencing almost unspeakable levels of torture.We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the tortured ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for some aide
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.
Click here if you want to help us

   It appears that once a Targeted Individual is put on this Hit List, we are held under constant satellite surveillance while being literally tortured both psychologically and physically through remote weapon attacks and local organized stalking and harassment groups. . .all of which is slyly orchestrated to make the victim look “crazy” or “paranoid” if we dare to speak out about what is happening to us. (This is like Hitler style satanism at its worst.)
Without public awareness, through main stream media exposing these crimes, we have no real help and continue being tortured and having our lives destroyed through what is viewed as natural deaths, suicides, projected mental illness, or framings for imprisonment so that the public will not believe our testimonies.
Though I feel that a targeted individual is any human being, who is being intruded upon in any way, (which may be most of us, at this point) those of us who are now being referred to as “Targeted Individuals” are the ones who are being openly threatened and psychologically abused – the ones who are being tortured in the cruelest ways possible.
We are like caged animals who are being secretly mutilated and murdered in a country that boasts of freedom and human rights! This is so hard to believe because its too cruel for most of us to want to face or believe.
The methods being used to isolate and harm primary Targeted Individuals are being done Hitler style – with friends, neighbors and even family members being manipulated against them. Some of these manipulations are being done by members of organized stalking and harassment groups and some are done with remote mind control technologies.
Although everyone who is close to the victim gets targeted also, the goal is to isolate the primary target, and leave him/her with no person to turn to for help, prior to abduction and/or destruction through being institutionalized, imprisoned, forced into suicide or inconspicuously murdered.
I believe that this holocaust is far more dangerous than Germany’s historic one, because its also being done with far more advanced types of drugs, chemicals and technology, which most of us are not aware of and have no protection from. Rescues do not even seem to be on the horizon, because even our own governments still deny the fact that such technologies even exist, although they have been being used by and on our military for many DECADES now.
Even some “support” forums for Primary “Targeted Individuals,” which are popping up on the web seem to be infiltrated with, if not slyly created by, the perpetrators of this holocaust. Over and over again I have been left feeling shocked by the levels of their cruelty. It took me a long time to face this, because I did not want to realize that such HORRIFIC levels of evil/cruelty can exist in our beautiful world. But it does exist and it has complete control until more of us start facing it and stop giving it free reign.
Many Primary Targeted Individuals, who have become aware of what is happening, are being “gang stalked”, which involves severe levels of constant stalking and psychological harassment by groups of criminals or neighborhood watch groups. This stalking can also include being threatened, drugged, raped, poisoned and having our homes, vehicles, jobs and relationships invaded and destroyed. This is all done so inconspicuously that it is not usually obvious to people around us. These criminals operate with a stealth and secrecy that is difficult to expose or prove. Thus far, Michigan is the only state, that I know of, to acknowledge this crime and pass new laws to protect victims.
When we try to seek help or talk about it, we are often shoved into unaware or infiltrated parts of the medical profession, to be misdiagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.
This is easily done because the description of what primary Targeted Individuals are experiencing, mimics the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, and there is not NEARLY enough awareness of this fact. A good article on this was written by British psychoanalyst, Carol Smith.
“No problem ever got solved by misdiagnosing it!” Primary Targeted Individuals are hit with unbearable levels of torture, in criminal efforts to prevent this information from being heard or believed by the general public.

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